This post was originally posted in 2018 but is still relevant to gain understanding even today.

I REVEALED OUR, THE HEBREW NATIONS NEW YEARS DAY IS ABIB-APRIL 1ST: in accordance with our Hebrew Torah and the Gentiles KJV Bible: Yet the Serpent and his children blaspheme our Sacred New Year’s Day Abib–April 1st declaring it “April Fool’s Day” mocking our people the children of Israel so called black for their blatant ignorance of the scriptures and lack of knowledge of who we are. Labeling our people as “Fool’s” and few of our people even until this day have received my revelation concerning Abib 1st-April 1st is our New Year’s Day and Month. This month of Abib-April sets the stage for our Messiah Ad’am ‘s Passover on Abib-April 14th of which he lead our People out of bondage in Egypt in the days of Moshe and again in my day in his Passover on Abib-April 14th 2011 here in America and around the world that many are unaware of. And worse many black people claim to be Israelites are as the heathens following after a “Full Moon” claiming it as their day of Passover, how sick and perverted a people. Nonetheless these Serpents and Christians after all of the years are claiming “April Fool’s Day of April 1, 2018 as their pagan Ester aka Easter” their Lord and Savior JC’s resurrection. Are they now since I have exposed them of their lies that they are now telling the world blatantly and willingly testifying that believing in JC’s so called Resurrection is nonsense for “Fools”! Awaken. One1ness.


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