Since the late 80’s I had a problem with the blatant disregard Michael “Judas” Jordan aka M Judas or MJ has shown for all the violence, bloodshed, and killing of his sneakers. Even back then more than three decades I was disputing with so called black people that looked up to M Judas when he had done nothing for so called black people but leach off of them and their blood like a flea.  Every black person I met then and now either ignore or condone M Judas’s the obvious disdain he has for so called black people seeing that he says absolutely nothing to stop all of the violence, bloodshed and the killings over his sneakers. Did you know that there are approximately 1,200 killings every year over sneakers if these deaths were caused by some disease it would be considered an epidemic. But since most of the people killed over sneakers are Israel aka black and those that are killing them are black and sneakers business is billion dollar industry the “Black” Lives Matter, actives and the out of date National Association For The Advancement of “Colored PeopleNAACP as well as the “National Urban LeagueNUL ignore this atrocity happening in the so called black communities. What I find even more appalling than the actions of these organizations that are supposed to protect and defend black people, is careless behavior of black people and how they defend this vile serpent MJ regurgitating the words black basketball player that buffoon Charlies Barkley said not being a role model for black children basically and this is the response I get from black people when I speak out against MJ even today:  “he is a role model”. WHAT? Are you serous! I responded by saying this to such ignorant people. Do you think Larry Bird would have continued to sell his sneakers well aware of the fact that gentile aka white children were being killed over them? Better yet, do you think so called white people would continue to support him and lift him up as a god, if their children were being killed and the bloodshed was linked to Larry Bird’s name and his sneakers? The answer is unequivocally, NO! Only wicked Israel/Esau aka black people would do such a hideous thing. In fact NBA star of integrity Stephon Marbury of whom many black children never heard of called out M Judas back in the day for being the one cultivating the violent culture plaguing the black communities over the sales of his sneakers: “Former NBA star Stephon Marbury singled out Jordan in association with “kids dying over shoes,” when he announced the return of his own $15 Starbury sneakers to market. Sports Illustrated’s famous 1990 cover story, “Your Sneakers or Your Life,” which focused on the murder of a 15-year-old boy over his Jordans  http://qz.com/554784/1200-people-are-killed-each-year-over-sneakers/ .  I wrote about M Judas in my book; “AWAKEN Revelations of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew” on page 243-245 http://hebrewnation.us/product/awaken-revelations-of-elimelech-shmi-hebrew-2/  I published this book in our Hebrew, New Year month of Abib, on the fourteenth day of the month of Abib for Yhwh’s Passover in the year 2011. AND the violence, bloodshed, and killings over this evil man Michael Jordan’s sneaker still persist. This past July 30, 2016 here in Houston, Texas one of the most hideous sins imaginable occurred:  “SHOCK CRIME: 16-Year-Old Boy KILLS His NFL Dad . . . And Murders His MOM . . . Allegedly Because They Wouldn’t ‘BUY HIM NEW JORDANS’!!!… read more http://mtonews.com/shock-crime-teenage-son-shoots-nfl-dad-mom/ The whole world knows about this beast MJ donating  a million dollars to the out dated NAACP and just I would expect this double minded and doubled tongue serpent would do. He also donated a million dollars to the Institute for Community-Police Relations IACP. What did the word of Elohim say about a double minded man as it is written:
James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
James 4:8 Draw nigh to Elohim, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.
…read more MJ’s open letter on the undefeated  https://theundefeated.com/features/jordan-speaks-out-on-shootings-of-african-americans-police/
Since he has so much remorse for the senseless violence happening recently. Why didn’t M Judas speak of the senseless violence happening for more than three decades over his sneaker s. Just as all serpents M Judas has an agenda his letter and these two donations were a calculated to deceive the masses from the true reason be hided his actions. Do you really think a man that has blood on his hands for three decades with no remorse whatsoever woke up with a caring heart if you do then you also believe black lives matter to black people. Notwithstanding, let me open your eyes to the wickedness that is Michael “Judas” Jordan while he has everyone deceived by his decision to support a cause he never supported he lit a fire to a new trend that can become just as deadly as his sneakers if not more. This serpent’s Michael “Judas” Jordan image will appear Michigan Wolverines football team, “The Michigan Wolverines will have a new look when they step onto the football field in the September 3 opener against Hawaii. Much of Michigan’s gear will now feature the Nike Jumpman logo — aka the Michael Jordan emblem. Sideline apparel such as coaches polos, hats, sweatshirts and jackets will have the Jumpman, while the other clothing will feature the Nike swoosh. http://heavy.com/sports/2016/08/michigan-wolverines-nike-jumpman-football-gear-apparel-new-jordan-jerseys-hats-shirts-hoodies-jackets-online/ releasing such coveted items as this “Jumpman “ product in Michigan a heavily poor and destitute community of Israel aka black people you are not only asking for violence you are promoting. For it is known and the scripture affirm that Israel aka black’s lust to envy as it is written:
James 4:5 Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?
Read the true revelation of the spirit of lust, and envy which is “coveting” “idolatry” that prevail over our people Israel in my article Envy & Lust the Fall of Ad’am
And you can rest assure that Michael “Judas” Jordan knows this truth for he is called: Yahweh, which is the name of the Spirit of our Hebrew Creator aka God, Elohim. M Judas and his masters at Nike know that the continued violence, bloodshed and killings of Israel is spiritually destroying our people while finically rewarding them to keep their evil rule over our people Israel aka blacks.


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